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Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc.

Our affiliate, Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc., offers a full range of residential and commercial real estate settlement services, including the issuance of title insurance to buyers and lenders. When persons purchase real estate, they need to feel secure that they are the proper owners of the property, free of unknown mortgages, liens, judgments, and other encumbrances that can adversely affect their ownership of the property. Title insurance protects buyers from these hidden risks. Additionally, lenders who take a mortgage on property overwhelmingly require their borrowers to purchase title insurance to protect the lenders.Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc. performs real estate closings for many major lenders as well as for purchasers in cash-only transactions. All closings are conducted by real estate attorneys. Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc. is committed to ensuring that all aspects of a real estate settlement are handled accurately and expediently. The staff of Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc. prides itself on resolving difficult title issues quickly so that sellers, buyers and lenders may proceed towards closing.


When a buyer purchases real estate he obtains "title" to that property. Title insurance protects a buyer’s ownership, or title, to the real estate by insuring that no other person or entity may claim ownership of the property and that no liens or judgments have attached to the property which could interfere with the buyer’s ownership. If an owner refinances his property, the lender will require title insurance to insure that there are no pre-existing liens against the property. Title insurance rates are established through the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's Department of Insurance. Title insurance rates are determined by the higher of the purchase price of the property or the loan amount. Unlike other forms of insurance, title insurance involves a one-time premium payment at the time a policy is issued. New enhanced coverage is now available that protects buyers for "post-policy" matters.


Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc. is a full service, established title agency underwritten by First American Title Insurance Company. Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc.’s professional and courteous staff is well equipped to handle any and all of your settlement, title insurance, search and conveyancing needs. From its settlement coordinators to its president, Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc.’s staff is committed to providing quality, expeditious, friendly service to each and every client.

All services provided are overseen by experienced real estate attorneys. Because of our staff’s knowledge and experience, attorneys, lenders, real estate agents and consumers rely on Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc. to provide title insurance and quality services for simple refinance and purchase transactions through complex commercial closings.


Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc. prides itself on not just identifying potential problems, but resolving them so that transactions proceed smoothly and quickly. Three Rivers Settlement Services, Inc. provides a full array of title and settlement services including:
  • Attorney Conducted Closings
  • Closings in all 67 Counties
  • "In-office" or "Out-of-office" Settlements
  • Complete Lien Letter/Tax Certification Service
  • Full Property Searches
  • Abstract Reports


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